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  2. carterb

    Bluebirds For Sale

    Photos of Bluebirds for sale in Japan and elsewhere
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  4. datsunfreak

    Guitar Stuff

    A momentary diversion on the road to the grave...
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  6. carterb


    Photos of my 1969 1600 SSS Bluebird Coupe
  7. carterb


    Photos of our 1978 Datsun 620 KC
  8. carterb

    Swamp Thing Racecar

    Photos of JAYBO racing "Swamp Thing" racecar build and race
  9. carterb

    Bluebird Coupes

    Photos of Beautiful Bluebird Coupes
  10. carterb


    Photos of 1972 Datsun 510 4dr "Greengo"
  11. datsunfreak

    Misc. Stuff

    All kinds of irrelevant stuff...
  12. carterb


    Photos of my (late) 1969 1600 SSS bluebird coupe
  13. Photos of my Cactus Green 1972 FJ20 Powered Datsun 510 2dr
  14. carterb


    Photos of 1972 Datsun 510 Wagon "Freebird" - GAVE AWAY
  15. Step #6, be sure to overfill it just a tiny bit so you get the nice bubble like a factory button...
  16. Step #5, coat new picture in some clear, then fill with resin...
  17. Step #4, cut it out and glue it into the button...
  18. Step #3, use emblem to trace something you like better...
  19. Step #2, remove center emblem...
  20. Step #1, get a horn button...
  21. datsunfreak


    Make your own custom horn button...
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