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  1. Epic Datsun 510 entry into the East African Safari Rally of 1969. This is JDM and European eye-candy!
  2. Serious Performance 3

    I'm starting to think Aussie's have serious addition to old J-tin and speed.
  3. Serious Performance 4

    Another installment from down under. Chock full of old J-tin for your drooling...errrr...viewing pleasure.
  4. Serious Performance 7

    Video #7 of the nutters from down under doing amazing things to their cars.
  5. Advanced Milling Machine

    Advanced techniques for running a milling machine.
  6. Basic Milling Machine

    Basics of how to use a milling machine.
  7. How to Chop and Section

    How to Chop and Section anĀ old truck.
  8. Cutting Gears

    How to cut gears on the lathe and the mill. The video takes about 12 seconds to start...
  9. Lathe Screw Threads

    Video on how to turn screw threads on a lathe.
  10. Advanced Metal Lathe

    Advanced metal working on the lathe.
  11. Basic Metal Lathe

    Old codger showing the basics of using a lathe. Very informative.
  12. Metal Anodizing

    How to anodize metal - includes power supply info and building an artwork lightbox.
  13. Buffing & Polishing

    Buffing and polishing aluminum, brass, plastic, and more.
  14. Resin and Urethane Casting

    Video showing how make Parts, Patterns, Tools & Molds from resin and urethane casting
  15. How to build fiberglass speaker enclosures for kick panels, door cards, wheel wells, and sub boxes.