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  1. Shift_X

    Floorpans 1/24/07

    My rusted ass floorpans as of Jan/07
  2. Shift_X

    Says who?

    This is what happens when you hit 3rd gear hard on a gravel road... Limited Slip + Gravel = Sideways.
  3. Shift_X

    Blue MaZe

    did a bit more photoshop to an original which was black and white... figured some people might like it for a background or something... If it needs to be removed, please tell me! Thanks
  4. Shift_X

    Engine Bay Pics (02/2006)

    Polished up the carbies and valve cover, etc.
  5. Shift_X


    Thought it looked cool so I posted it here for kicks :-) Not 510 related, but it was the fun ride I took a friend on tonight that made me think of photoshoppin this pic... so it counts! :-)
  6. Shift_X

    510 Movies and Videos

    Datsun 510 videos and movies
  7. Shift_X

    Grants Pass Pre-Shasta meet

    Aaron Suchy and Neil (Last name unknown!) and I meet up at Denny's restaurant here in Grants Pass Friday the 15th, 2005
  8. Shift_X

    New Ztherapy SU's

    These are the SU's bought from a friend, they have been gone through by Ztherapy.
  9. L20B rebuilt, new .010"/.010" crankshaft, new .030" (.075mm) overbored pistons, shot-peened connecting rods, balanced rotating assembly
  10. This is the roadster clutch pressure plate as ordered through Jim Sigel Chevrolet/Nissan in Grants Pass, OR. Note the 9 rivets as opposed to 6 rivets on stock 510 clutches!!!
  11. Another shot of the roadster pressure plate. Notice how it visibly looks beefier than a stock unit, more rivets to support the spring-load assembly together. Much better design than a stock 510 unit, and worth every penny over what you normally pay. Which, considering - isn't even all that much!
  12. This is the friction disk that came with my Roadster pressure plate. I am not 110% impressed by this, as made by Valeo - a common manufacturer of NEW clutch components (not remanufactured) and sold by many Jobber-based parts houses. This unit and the unit I pulled off the shelf at my place of work, look 99% identical in appearance, both carrying the Valeo insignia, the replacement (new, not reman!) at my work did not have the Nissan logo printed in the center peice. Go figure (Duh..) but the only thing I wasn't really happy about, is that two of the anti-chatter springs are not solid in place,
  13. Shift_X


    Photochop! Looks really, really good though, i'll give it that!!
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