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  1. Dave Patten

    Datsun 510

    Thoughts, ideas and good looking cars
  2. Dave Patten

    Lane Museum (Nissan NA Collection)

    This photo was taken at the Lane Museum in Nashville, TN during a private showing of Nissan's North American Heritage Collection.
  3. Dave Patten

    Dave Patten

  4. Dave Patten

    Misc 510 Photos

  5. Dave Patten

    FutoFab Stuff

    Other Stuff FutoFab has
  6. Dave Patten

    FutoFab-Steel Body Parts

    Reproduction Steel Datsun Parts
  7. Dave Patten

    FUTO FAB - 'Glass & CF

    510 Parts from the Quikskin Molds
  8. Dave Patten

    Barn Find 510 in NH

    Photos of a Datsun 510 found in NH, last driven in '92
  9. Dave Patten

    1971 Datsun 510 barn find, 6 - gauges

    El tacómetro no está en venta. No sé de un tacómetro que está a la venta. Mis disculpas.
  10. Dave Patten

    Panasport Wheels for Sale

    Panasport Wheels for Sale
  11. Dave Patten

    H190 Center Carrier

    Detailed Photos of H190 Center Sections
  12. Dave Patten

    Datsun 510 Rally Cage

    Photos of Dan Cook's Rally Car Cage Build