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  1. 1966 PL411

    My latest project.
  2. 20170724_072352.jpg

    Can you identify?
  3. Datsun 510 4d Interior

    Yes. Thick naugahyde. Same mistake I made on mine. Just Dashes does it proper, but it is expensive: http://www.justdashes.com/2013/07/1970-datsun-510-dash-pad-restoration/
  4. Datsun 411 Sedan

    One of my favorite cars and body styles.
  5. GrahamsGarage.jpg

    Looks like a fantastic shop.
  6. Toyota Mega Web Tokyo 2015

    Just a trip to the super awesome Toyota Mega Web in Tokyo, followed by the Historic Car Museum.
  7. Avery's 510 from Trinidad

    SR20DET swap in a Trinidad based 510. Awesomeness from the island.
  8. test 1

  9. test 2

  10. testing

  11. DSCN4841

    Awesome. Are those for a Veriflex or a banana board?
  12. Aluminum lugs and ARP studs

    Nice. I did the same, but a few of the lugs were crazy tight. A bit of candle wax on the ARP studs did the trick.