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  1. ajen68510

    new front fenders

    New front fenders, but first had to deal with some rust. New fender box frames made, old cut out....no more rust !
  2. ajen68510

    stereo system

    Installed and built own amp rack in trunk. All Phoenix Gold amps. RBH 8ohm Aluminum cone rear speakers. Custom made front pods, fitted with Ininity componant speakers 5.25". This system created so much bass, i did not install the sub.
  3. ajen68510

    tail light panel

    replaced tail light panel. Found rust free, dent free 71' panel in Australia. Updated lights to later model 510.
  4. ajen68510

    rebuild rockers

    Replaceing old rockers. Custom made. Then all spot welds drilled out. new piece rewelded in, and hand formed at either end.
  5. ajen68510

    side shot

    68'510, replaced quarters, rockers, wheel arches, front fenders, tail light panel, rear lower valance.
  6. ajen68510

    ajen68510 510 photos

    68' 4dr. 510
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