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  1. L16 Dizzy / Oil Pump Drive
  2. ChrisofMaine

    LZ22 Engine Stuff

    Mostly technical stuff & Pictures related to my LZ22
  3. This timeslip was in a '72 four door, stock L16 with a header & 4 speed, stock 3.90 rear end, and 175/70-13 street tires. 4,000 RPM clutch drop launch, which gave about 4 feet of wheelspin. I tree'ed the guy in the other lane, but he BLEW on by at the 100 foot mark...
  4. The perfect odometer reading. Acheived 7/10/10 at around 12:35 EST, driving through Brunswick, Maine.
  5. Well, my team didn't win, but I did walk away from the game with this cool poster with a 510 day reference...
  6. ChrisofMaine


    In and around my lightweight '72 510 four door. Searchable by the following catagories: ENGINEBAY, INTERIOR, PUMPKIN, TRANSMISSION
  7. I picked up a set of E-Code Hella high beams the other day in the junkyard. The PO had blown the bulbs up, which put a foggy glaze on the reflector and glass. I cut up strips of fabric, inserted them into the bulb with hot soapy water, then did the shake routine... a good long rinse with hot water, and a 20 minute bake at 185 degrees in the oven cleaned and dryed them well.
  8. My daughter made me a 510 card for my birthday
  9. ChrisofMaine

    V8 510 Wagon Project

    This Gallery will cover my V8 510 wagon project, which is not yet started. All I have is the wagon...
  10. ChrisofMaine

    SCCA Road Racing Events

    510s and other Datsuns mostly taken at NHIS in Louden NH.
  11. This is all the plates stacked on top of each other. All the primary holes (engine to tranny and starter) line up fine, but the later one piece plate holes will not line up with the 4 speed specific inspection plate.
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