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    From the album: Hammer

    Hammer (named after it's hammerite paint job) is almost ready for prime time...
  2. carterb

    dixie awaiting work

    From the album: Dixie

    Dixie is next in line for attention...
  3. carterb

    Datsun woody 2

    From the album: Carter's Miscellaneous 510 pictures

    Laser etched Datsun sign
  4. carterb

    Datsun woody

    From the album: Carter's Miscellaneous 510 pictures

    Laser burned Datsun sign
  5. carterb

    "flipper" 1972 510 SW

    Sold! A co-worker purchased from me in June 2004. He is very happy and is planning a VG30.
  6. From the album: Flipper

    Just 76,000 miles. Clean and solid, new paint, centerline rims, weber, factory tach, and off to it's new owener.
  7. From the album: Flipper

    Here she is, after paint, after Blue Lake, and the day before I got to drive her for the last time... SOLD
  8. carterb

    hammer again

    From the album: Hammer

    Another shot. Blotches are from the rain...
  9. carterb

    hammer - 1970 2dr

    From the album: Hammer

    Latest addition to the family. PO painted it with 18 cans of hammerite! It actually look pretty nice.
  10. carterb

    donko II 1972 wagon

    From the album: Donko II

  11. carterb

    flipper 1972 wagon

    From the album: Flipper

    This is my daily driver wagon. Less than 75,000 miles. L16 w/ 4spd
  12. carterb

    Dixie 1971 2dr

    From the album: Dixie

    "Dixie" Rolling shell purchased for a ground up rebuild. Have not touched it since I brought it home... It's time will come.
  13. From the album: Snowflake

    This is the 2dr I will be keeping. Dream power is VG
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