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  1. Here you go. http://www.ratdat.com/wallpaper/100_0635_1024by768.jpg This one is 1024x768 and about 200k. Cheers, Eddie
  2. Ratdat

    Assorted 510 related things

    Pictures of parts and stuff that don't belong anywhere else
  3. Ratdat

    KA24DE powered 1971 Datsun 1400

    Pictures of my modified 1971 British spec Datsun 1400
  4. Ratdat

    510 coupe

    Wierd... a split prop shaft!? Never seen that on a 510 before. Was this only on coupes?
  5. Ratdat

    510 coupe

    OMG! Is that rear quarter as rippled as it looks? That's a lot of work ...but then if I found a coupe here in the UK I'd fix it no matter how bad it was.
  6. Ratdat

    Fitting the KA24DE

    Some pictures of my KA24DE installation into my RHD 510
  7. Ratdat

    1970 Datsun 1300 Project

    Pictures of the ongoing work on my 1970
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