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  1. funkyfive

    DatsunsNW May 2012 Cruise

    DatsunsNW Cruise 510 roadster Z car
  2. funkyfive

    2008 Portland Historics

    Datsuns at the Historic Races
  3. funkyfive

    1968 Grille

  4. funkyfive

    280ZX Strut

    280ZX strut housing, uncut with GC coil over and Koni Race insert. There is a spacer inside the housing, under the insert.
  5. funkyfive

    Car and I

    Trying to take a pic of my Funkadelic skull for the guy who keeps quoting Maggot Brain on the list.
  6. funkyfive


  7. funkyfive

    PDX Snow 2007

    Found a Dime in the snow
  8. funkyfive


    Nice trigger setup, probably more dependable than electromotive, easier to find a replacement part also!
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