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  1. This recall was issued for a potentially leaky rubber fuel tank nipple on the bottom of the tank. Many 510 owners have at some point in their ownership experienced this failure, characterized by large puddles of fuel under the rear seat and in the rear foot wells!

  2. Well, it would appear we have an answer, courtesy of Bill Fant:

    It's pretty rare when the opportunity to do something truly significant for the 510 community comes along, but this is one of those moments. After 37 years of guessing and speculation, behold the truth, courtesy of former Datsun Comp staffer Ron Johnson (excellent guessing, BTW -- I mean by the way):

    Lucky for you that I just happen to specialize in the "totally dated & insignificant". LOL The 510 BTW was basically a 'kit car' that was created from stuff that was listed in the early Comp Dept catalog. It got us two (2) full articles in C&D. As you can see from the listing, everything is bolt-on. Even the 5-spd was a Roadster unit w/early Z bellhousing. The only non-Comp Dept items on the 510 were the wheels (EMPI) & the rock screens on the front headlamps. It may have also had a header & exhaust system ... if so, they were aftermarket too. Anyway, the BTW stood for ... a little drum roll here, please ... Balls To the Wall. No big thing, but it would have really had the little ol' ladies in tennis shoes screaming for a head to roll back then. "The origin of the phrase is not related to testicles as you might think. There's no definitive source for this phrase, altho the most likely appears to be that it has a WW II military origin & that the balls are the knobs on aircraft joy sticks. Pushing them as far as they can go, i.e. against the wall of the plane, caused it to go flat out." :o)

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