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Been in love with cars since I was 4 years old.. My Dad used to take me to Watkins Glen back in the 60's to see the US Grand Prix and the Group 5 and 6 races.. My uncles put me to work when I was 7 years old rebuilding the 289 cid engine in my uncles Mustang, and I was fixing Datsuns since I was 7 as well.. Ended up going into the Datsun Dealerships as a teen, and stayed with them up till the early 90's and had already made my Master Status with what was then Nissan.. After that I moved on to my own business, and joined up with K&K racing and restorations 3 years ago to get my butt back to the races..Currently restoring my newest 510 after being away from them for the past 15 years, and Having the greatest time of my life now, being back in the seat again..My first car was my dad's 72 SSS 510.. I learned to drive on that car and had it and 7 others up until my divorse in 94.. I've not been right till now.. It took the 510 to bring me home again and make me feel complete!!

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